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I recently signed up with the Zoosk online dating site.

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I had to block more than what I even considered interest and when I went to click on the interest when they would send me links "so-and-so is interested in you" I would put "Okay let's chat".

And then when I would go to chat there was never no response. Well I would consider my area within a 50-mile radius.

They would be 100 plus miles away and they said that they would be in my city.

I would have people coming on and showing interest that look like they crawled out from a freaking Rock. I would recommend it to my worst enemy and I've been on other sites in the past.

For instance Match and I did not have a bad experience. It's been quite a few years and I called and cancelled my subscription after a week.

They won't refund my money so I decided "Well deactivate me because I don't want my face up there.

I don't want my info up there anymore." They would refund any of my money so pass the word on scam.

Do not recommend this piece of crap site to anybody.

Zoosk has somehow changed my webform to a 'BILLING AGREEMENT.' Despite using my Pay Pal account to pay them thinking I would have protection from Zoosk being able to automatically pay themselves Paypal said the transaction was ok because of a BILLING AGREEMENT. Recently signed a membership with and after 90 days I canceled my subscription several days prior to renewal.

Even if you join Zoosk for a 'one off' experience to see how you like it you will be charged again whether you like it or not. On the day of renewal they blocked me out of the site; 5 days later they posted a charge of .95 to my bank account, causing me a hardship because the bank charged me an additional fee because I only keep enough money in that particular account.

When I called them they wanted to cut a deal and refund half the money back.


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