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In order to verify that the number on your vehicle registration paperwork match those your bike, you’ll need to locate the frame and engine number markings on your motorbike.This is easy enough, as long as you know where to look that is!

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Hopefully though with the help of this article you should be able to locate the correct, unique frame number on your AJS or Matchless motorbike in order to be able to verify it against what is recorded on your registration paperwork.

The frame number is also known more officially as the There are, apparently, many Matchless and AJS bikes out there that have been registered with the DVLA using the same “016117” frame number shown in the picture on the right.

On my 1951 Matchless G3LS this is stamped into the top of the front down-tube.

I initially, like many other people, mistook it to be the frame number.

Actually it is just a casting or part number identifier from when the frame was made and hence is identical on many Matchless and AJS bikes, so beware!

The number shown in the picture is stamped onto the frame of my 1951 Matchless G3LS on the front down-tube, just in front of tank next to the top engine bracket.

The circular loop cast into the frame on the left is the front side-car mounting. As far as I can tell this is a casting number (the ‘016117’ bit) and the manufacturers name or reference (the ‘M&B’ bit) as these components were not usually made in-house by AMC. The give away is the plus sign and the “M&B” additions, whereas the correct frame number should just be numbers with maybe a capital letter prefix (e.g. On some bikes, this part number is apparently raised (rather than stamped) which would mean it was cast into the frame and so must be the same on every frame from the batch (as they will all have come out of the same mould).

On my bike though the numbers are definitely stamped (indented) into the metal, but either way they are not unique identifiers.

For the earlier Matchless and AJS motorcycle models made up until 1957, you need to do a little ‘digging’ under the saddle to find the frame number as it is not always in easy view.


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