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We were both about to give up on the search, but Oasis gave us an opportunity to meet and fill the voids that we had in our lives.

Star Ocean games are known for their real-time battle engines, and, for being one of the first of its kind to come to the consoles.

Battles take place on a separate screen, but all characters (rather than waiting in one spot and taking damage) are fully mobile in three dimensions, can dodge and chase foes, and must cast their spells and deploy attacks despite enemy harassment.

In the earlier games, magicians had spells, whereas fighters had special physical attacks called "Killer Moves"; both are learned after passing certain level requirements (or through specific items and sidequests) and cost HP or MP to use.

A month later, it sounds like R&B singer Miguel might still be a little bitter after losing to Frank Ocean at the Grammys.

Apparently having Kelly Clarkson call his performance the “sexiest damn thing” she’s ever seen just wasn’t enough! You may have been too busy focusing on Chris Brown refusing to stand as Frank accepted his award to notice that Miguel also remained seated!

The singer was recently spotted at The Grove after making an appearance on , and was swarmed by paparazzi who asked him about the incident.

Miguel offered a quick congrats to Frank despite saying he doesn't like to lose, and when he was asked whether he would give him a standing ovation a second time around, he simply responded "No! We hear the two actually get along quite nicely, and this probably won’t be the last time they go head-to-head for a Grammy, so hopefully he isn’t really holding a grudge this many weeks later.

After trying to find my ideal partner with no success, I decided to give Oasis a go recommended from a friend.

I have met plenty of people through Oasis and became great friends to this day.


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