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Although it’s true that Asian ladyboys are very often looking for a western boyfriend because they’re culturally speaking more open minded about committing with a transgender, you shall not forget that some could be interested in something else from you.

Don’t worry, bad intentioned ladyboys are not the majority, but I advise you keep on reading my safety tips.

I am going to give you my best tips for being safe when you date ladyboys online.

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That can sound an obvious one, but some are excellent at making you send money online.

Maybe you’re not familiar with the Asian culture, but it’s absolutely not a normal thing that an Asian girl asks for money online, it’s not how sane relationships work.

It’s also likely that a person doesn’t ask you explicitly to send money, but they can also turn the conversation in such a way that you feel pity and decide to send money by yourself.

Whether you’re in search of a long term love story, just want to make friends or looking for a one night stand, dating is for sure a fun part of the game. If yes, these tips will surely be worth the read for you. Don’t worry because as long as you apply a bit of common sense, online dating is simply just fun, cool and you get to meet awesome people you wouldn’t have met otherwise. You are going to chat and meet people who are perfect strangers to you.

At My Ladyboy Date we try our best to make your dating experience smooth, fun and, above all, SAFE. Most people are good people, fortunately, our planet is not filled with thieves, scammers and criminals. And above all, most people want to love and be loved. There are a few people who don’t care about hurting the feelings of others and take advantage on them.

Today I’d like to write some basic safety tips for our readers and members. Well, once you’re aware of the fact, at least you apply some caution. If you’re in search of a ladyboy girlfriend, chances are that you will meet ladyboys from Asia (and especially Philippines and Thailand). Basically, it applies for online and offline dating in general. Romance scams online are a fact, they’re not more rampant with ladyboy dating than for general dating, but it comes in a different flavour. Making a fake profile and pretending to be a pretty, innocent and vulnerable woman is nothing more complicated than to upload a fake picture and write a fake description.Now these are third-world countries where the average salary doesn’t go beyond 0 a month.If you are a man from the western world (Europe, America, Australia…) you see how this difference in earnings can make you a potential target for bad intentioned people.


  1. Through our extensive profiles, members can learn about each other before meeting in person. Through our extensive profiles, members can learn about each other before meeting in person.

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