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Q: I watch a lot of pornography and also indulge in online sex.I have never met my cybersex partner and I don’t wish to.But I like the online sexual relationship I share with her. Santosh, Varanasi Text: Auntyji Image: thingkreations. And I think one that you already know the answer to you.

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How aware your wife is of your antics and how much does she condone them.

Now we are all grow ups here and as long as two adults in relationship consent to any xyz activity, it shouldn't be considered wrong or immoral.. Disloyal Remember that full disclosure, especially in the matters of the bed, is key for a successful relationship.

So while simply hiding these aspects of your sex life does not amount to adultery, it doesn't get Aunty's approval.

If you really want my advice, watching pornography secretly, without telling your wife, is not so much as cheating but more insulting your partner.

There is a reason that you are doing it , hidden from wife.

Maybe it's not cheating, but will be considered being disloyal.Deluding Now indulging in internet sex is cheating on your partner, plain and simple.And definitely doesn't help that you have a 'regular' cybersex partner too.You may deny any emotional connect with her, but stop deluding yourself.After all you are turning outside of your relationship to meet a need that should be met within the relationship.Of course my famously declared that a marriage where the man uses his hands on himself is doomed, but the situation is out of your hands now. You might think it’s a victimless crime where nobody gets hurts.


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