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Why should I become a client of Elegant Introductions? We have a total of 60 years of experience in networking and relationship expertise, helping you through the dating process. Following your date, we ask for your valuable and honest feedback, which will provide us with deeper “insights” into your needs and desires, aiding us in becoming clearer for any future introductions, should this be necessary. We arrange matches after meeting, screening and carefully selecting each and every person.

Elegant Introductions, an exclusive agency, was created for you, our clients, our priority. Why is it an advantage for me to work with a local agency?

We only select a small number of clients that we believe we are able to work with closely in order to find a life partner. Once we meet and understand you, our customized search begins. Then we start the screening and qualifying process of potential matches from our network of incredible singles. Our Founders are leaders who are deeply entrenched in the South Florida business, professional and philanthropic community, gaining you access to their exclusive network.

Please head on over to the home page of the site and click the orange “Register” button.

We recommend that you take a little time to complete the form.

If necessary, copy the page to your hard disk and study it offline.

This is especially true for your personal profile – after all, it is an advertisement for yourself and will be responsible for creating the very first impression other people will form of you.

If you have any questions you would like to ask VMM before joining, please go to the Contact page where you can send us a message.

PLEASE NOTE: We never, ever give your name, address, email address or any other personal details to ANYONE – companies, organisations, individuals, other VMM members, ANYONE – unless you give us your specific agreement to do so.PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AT THE FOOT OF THE PAGE BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION.NOTE: We are an equal-opportunity matchmaking and online dating service.We do NOT discriminate based on sex, gender, race, disability, or any other factor.Everyone is equal in our eyes and will be treated with equal respect. We will help you evaluate your past relationships and identify your particular patterns.


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