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The program explores in-depth stories of crime mysteries and interviews with involved individuals, closest to the cases and includes expert analysis.

Emmy Award winning journalist and former CNN anchor Paula Zahn is the program host who travels throughout the country interviewing people directly affected by the tragic cases.

It was the lifeless body of young woman, lying on the ground off the side of a dark cemetery’s access road.

November 11, 1983, it was checkout time at the Comfort Inn in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

But what appeared to be a routine morning at the motel quickly became an unforgettable nightmare when a housekeeper entered room 205 to clean up. The woman was identified as the store’s assistant manager, 24-year-old Vicki Knight.

Investigators found no signs of break in but $3100 was missing from the store’s safe.

On the morning of March 27th, 2003 a woman working at church and daycare center in Greenville, Ohio was struck by a disturbing sight.

A four-year-old boy wearing blood stained pajamas was standing at the front door.

Having invited the plausible young stranger into her home, Mary Ellen Renard was strangled by Ned Snelgrove.

Fortunately he didn't kill her, he only rendered her unconscious, but worse was to come; he began stabbing her and would surely have killed her when finding inner strength, courage and a memory relating to self-defence for women she gouged at his eyes.

Even then she would surely have been murdered had her screams not aroused her landlady. Renard related this nightmare scenario to "On The Case", and the aftermath.

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