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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. NAW..don't buy it.(you eat healthy)If you ate healthy you would not starve or need to count calories. I'm a nurse and have heard of PCOS which is polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCO.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Yes PCO does have many symptoms and in a majority of cases it causes weight gain.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I was wondering if other women with PCOS find it harder to date? It is a hereditary syndrome which runs in families.

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PCOS has many symptoms and each person with it is effected differently. I had Cushings disease, which is a rare metabolic disorder where it is not possible to lose weight until the excess cortisol releasing tumor is removed. Excellent resources are dietitians and endocrinologists. If someone makes negative comments about your PCO then they are not worth your time! Here you go..dont let this make your head and pride swell up!!!!

I didnt try to pursue anybody until I was into the weight loss.....nobody ever said anything but got A LOT MORE interest as I lost the weight. There is no reason why you have to have PCOS, unless you want to...your progesterone and fix your thyroid and its gone....this ridiculousness how medicine that is practiced is from 1000 years ago, makes me angry.... My wife and I have been under Dr Sarabis care since March of 2010. There isnt really any way to know how long shes had these illnesses but the fact is Dr Sarabi caught it from the very first time we met with him.

Nobody will care why you are overweight...that you are.... That is another way to figure out where you are not doing something right. Since then, Dr Sarabi has exceeded all of our expectations.

Any explanation would probably make most people just roll their eyes and still think you eat too much and are lazy.... Are you ladies doing what you were told to do religiously? And yes everyone is different but if you eat 6 to 7 SMALL meals of high protein and the right carbs, medication or not you will lose body fat. Health conditions can cause weight gain, correct nutrition takes it off if you follow it the right way. If you think for 5 minutes what I do is easy, it is not. Ask your doctor for some help if the weight is not coming off. My wife is sleeping better and has her diabetes under control and is losing weight following his advice of low carb and natural hormonal treatments and also includes t3 and t4 thyroid meds and thats what all the experts are [email protected] Khashi - I've been an RN for many years, and it's clear that Dr. What he is recommending is NOT what a majority of doctors and specialists are suggesting to PCO patients.

I have PCOS and it does make it harder to date for me. And you are right, a lot of men see a overweight woman so they immediately click the *x* and don't think twice. There are guys out there that like big girls but they are hard to find. I do not have this but a friend of mine does and she managed to lose 128 pounds and kept it off. It's very clear that your wife (if you even have one as your profile indicates you are single) has been misdiagnosed with PCO. Here is some testimonials that my patients MADE up... Page.aspx?

A lot of men just see that I am overweight and figure that I am lazy but I am not lazy. Also, with PCOS, make sure you are getting proper vitamins. She is on medication to but her doctor put her on a diet and she followed it. I am sure the weight can and will come off, it is a matter of really sticking to the diet you were told to be on. PCO IS INCURABLE due to the hereditary factor of the syndrome. It is a genetic disorder that can be inherited from either parent. Val=ud1otszki O62Se5Yu9h OGw--2----2--and some more reading should you care..... are right progesterone has nothing to do with it, you know more about it than other physicians)....I have a lot of trouble getting my weight off and I loss very slowly and that does not help either. If you aren't already, you should start taking a Vitamin B supplement. PCO patients are born with the illness and it does not surface until after puberty and the condition is present until death. Medical treatment of PCOS is tailored to the patient's goals. Just dont type PCOS and natural progesterone on Google......I eat healthy, count my calories yet nothing sems to help it come off as fast as I would like. These may be considered under four categories: Lowering of insulin levels Restoration of fertility Treatment of hirsutism or acne Restoration of regular menstruation, and prevention of endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial cancer In PCO patients, the ovaries are stimulated to produce excessive amounts of male hormones (androgens), particularly testosterone. I wish woman did not have to suffer this much and one day it will change and it is changing already..... id=106Women with PCOS always have low progesterone levels.I can gain weight while practically starving myself ...do not even get me started on the excess hair in weird places that I have to tend to daily. Either way I am sorry you have suffered (perhaps you didnt) for 19 years, and I wish you the best.... The best solution is begin to supplement with progesterone, and not synthetic progesterone, rather bioidentical progesterone. I can gain weight while practically starving myself ...do not even get me started on the excess hair in weird places that I have to tend to daily. My friend lost 3 stone on slimming world which I want to try once I'm back in work. I eat healthy, count my calories yet nothing sems to help it come off as fast as I would like. You eat yourself fat by what you do or dont put in your mouth. I do go spinning 3 times a week but got to admit my diet is not the best. I was looking at low glygemic diets but not sure if that would be right for me. I suffer/suffered with this, the depo injection has been a godsend but doesn't help the weight gain, I think it is carbs that do me and although I love fish, game and chicken I don't think it would be wise to live on that but I'm active, I ride and walk a lot.


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