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PUA Forums now exist in most major languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Dutch.

I’ve met Dean personally in NYC and I can say with complete confidence that he has the goods.

I actually used some of his tactic’s on my EX who I haven’t spoken to in almost a year… I didn’t even think that was possible nor personally do I want her back but it’s a funny twist of fate using the tactics in Dean’s Ex Back Experts.

The best part about Dean’s Ex-Back system is that it seems to work.

Full Definition: PUA Forums are online communities where PUAs and aspiring PUAs get together to share their advice, experiences, and field reports about pickup and game.

Since the beginning of the seduction community, online forums have been the primary way that pick up artists communicate with each other.

The first PUA Forum, called alt.or ASF set up by Ross Jeffries, was one of the catalysts in starting the seduction community, bringing together players from around the world for the first time on the budding world wide web.

Another early notable PUA Forum was the Mystery Lounge, set up by the pick up artist Mystery, which was a collection of the top 100 PUAs at the time who gathered to discuss their techniques and tactics.

These days, there are hundreds of PUA Forums around the world.

Many have been set up by the various PUA companies for discussion about their company and methods.

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