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It is worth noting that, as of today, the site has increased its security and is no longer allowing non-registered members to access the site.

The files we analyzed came as files with many of the fields empty, indicating that the data may have been stripped out prior to publishing.

Our analysis of the data showed no personal financial (e.g. We found that the data that we had access to included: • 2,674,590 unique e-mail addresses • 914, 574 unique IP addresses – North American Only • 1, 829, 304 unique usernames • State code• Zip code • Country code• Age • Sex• Language • Sexual preference The Digital Shadows team reviewed the TOR site where the data was hosted, specifically a forum known as “Hell”.

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ROR[RG] made statements regarding his reasons for executing the hack, specifically citing that it was in retribution for monies he believed he was owed by the organization.

Following his declaration he released the data on the “Hell” forum.

Additionally, he stated that because he was allegedly located in Thailand, he believed he was beyond the reach of law enforcement.

27th May 2015: Last week, news quickly spread about a security breach that impacted the casual dating website Adult Friend Finder.

According to many sources, the breach saw the personal information of some 3-4 million users of the site’s services.

In speaking with the Wall Street Journal, I explained that it is difficult to say with any certainty how the site may have been breached and how often these types of breaches occur.We discussed the possibility of attacks ranging from SQL injection, to the employment of exploit kits and potential malware.We may not know for quite a long time what led to the breach.The general public will likely not have any information regarding this until post-breach investigation is conducted and reported.Once this occurs the potential for sharing information regarding the threat actor, the breach, and associated indicators of compromise (Io Cs) will increase.The team here at Digital Shadows was able to collect and assess eight out of the fifteen files associated with the breach last week; and only eight likely due to the traffic related to the site after the incident.

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