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At one point people in the chatroom sent me their pictures and explained why this person, who resembled The Silver Surfer wearing Power Ranger gear, looked as if an explosion was coming from its crotch.

He/She said it’s the main source of its energy and the focal point of arousal. I delved into the inner workings of these circuitboard masturbators, pretending to be a tad bit ignorant to all the rules and idioms that these technosexuals follow.

For one, they hate being confused with Agalmatophiliacs--people who get hot and bothered by statues and mannequins.


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Well we do, but they cost a lot and they don’t exactly play twister with you.

This leads me to their last order of business of how they came to be; built or transformed.

You can build a robot partner or perceive yourself as being built.

Ever since the internet was implanted in me, I have had the burning desire to explore most every square inch of all idiotic fantasies imaginable.

When I was 13, just getting my feet wet in the world of internet chatting via m IRC, I chatrooms that would tickle our retard bone.

Initially we excavated the futureproof fantasies and behaviors that have made their way to the courthouse and to MSNBC, “why don’t you have a seat over there?

” There were thousands of rooms to choose from, all of which could bring some sort of weirdness to furor. I did when I was 13 and I will till I’m 48, wherein which I will have come full circle to accept the robot ideology. But how does this materialize in the physical world?

We would go to the Jesus chat and talk about being gay, or go to the bi-fem-sex channel and talk about being straight. The giggles dissipated and the weirdness stopped being so weird. I must charge onward into the abyss of the internet. I don’t mean that in how I got all hopped up on racism when I got home from seeing Terminator 2—Now I’m a robot sent to destroy! It’s people who have a deep seeded lust for robots and perceive themselves as robots. But, at the moment, it seems rational to say that idiots are idiots and some people grab a hold of a childhood memory, clutching their Iron Giant stuffed animal, and wish it would never end. Do you put on a makeshift stormtrooper outfit, retrofit it with a power glove and some PCB’s?

I needed the bowels to be disem’d and the conniving to be nived. What is the correct nomenclature for a Robot Enthusiast?


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