bryce dallas howard and xavier samuel dating - Ryo nishikido dating

Now it seems Maki has found herself a boyfriend, driving around on movie locations just like she wanted.

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They definitely don't want another shotgun marriage between Johnny and Sweet Power to happen again so soon.

As for Keiko, she is Ryo's other BFF Yamapi's ex-girlfriend, so they already knew each other from before.

Don't know how Yamapi would feel if she's hooking up with Ryo.

She's now appearing in a CM for Suzuki which is scheduled to air on Feb 28th .

When she held a press conference to present the CM on the 26th.

She said she would like to ride in the passenger seat of a car driving through beautiful scenery on a date.

But when she's in a car, most of the time, her manager is with her.

Then the reporters asked her if she has ever been on a drive date with a boyfriend. And that's that which makes people starting to wonder about her love life.

Only the rumor with Sho is most believable since there were sightings of her and Sho drinking, happy and getting along well at gay bars in Shinjuku ni-chome.

But because there is no conclusive evidence, she is stuck with the "virgin" theory. However, in the entertainment industry, it's impossible for someone to remain a virgin at the age of 24.

A weekly magazine reporter has heard of industry staff who was associated with her and talked of her in bed.


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