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If your profile doesn't stand out from the crowd, you will never generate enough interest to get a date. Great potential matches will practically fall in your lap with the right profile!Before we share some of our advanced, creative techniques for crafting a profile, we must get people to view your profile in the first place.

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The wrong username can turn people off or stereotype you in an unflattering manner from the start. Notice how many profiles put little to no effort into their username.

Try usernames that highlight one of your passions/hobbies.

Pick your most exciting hobby/interest and craft a username around it. Jokes are best reserved for other areas of your profile which we discuss below.

Also, DON'T pick a name related to any superficial qualities.

Highlighting superficial qualities like wealth or looks will backfire and make most people think you are shallow or trying too hard.

To show some specific examples, look at this comparison of actual male/female usernames from an online dating service.

Much like the username, a tagline is one of the most poorly utilized elements in the world of online dating.

The first thing people will read about you in search results is usually your tagline, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Predictable taglines such as "SWF looking for handsome, smart, funny guy" or "SWM tall, dark and handsome" may seem fine, but there are better options.

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