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NAME: Shim Changmin 심창민 STAGE NAME: Choikang Changmin 최강창민 BORN: February 18, 1988 OCCUPATION: TVXQ member, actor, host This account is handled by underonesky.

Song: 눈물 같은 사람 (A Person Like Tears) Artist: Shim Changmin OST: Jeon Woo Chi You keep hitting those high notes Changmin while I keep wishing I could keep up. DISCLAIMER: This video is made to spread and teach the beautiful Korean language through the wonderfully written and composed music.

See “ 男性グループ部門 (Male Group category ) Best 5′” (first category) then select "東方神起" for the 1st place. Remember that it must be synchronous with zip code that you chose. Enter twice (fill both rows) -5th row is phone number.

- You cannot vote same artist for 1st - 5th place - Point for the artist given according the place : 1st (5 points), 2nd (4 points), 3rd (3 points), 4th (2 points), 5th (1 point) 3. He is a master student and teaching assistant in an university. The door was about to close, so Kouda ran immediately into the train.

If you don't have one, you can google for possible Japanese zip code. If you don't have one, you can google for this, too.

He then realized a guy was behind him but the door closed, therefore the guy couldn’t get on.

First, Kouda didn’t recognize モモ until he bumped into モモ again in a stationary store at Akihabana 秋葉原. 野田 [Noda] (another character who is part of the gold robbery plan) asked Kouda if モモ is an alien or ET since no one knows where he was from.

Kouda’s apartment can look into モモ’s apartment clearly.Because モモ doesn’t have air conditioner, therefore all the windows are opened most of the time.Yet, he hardly turns on the light at night time even when he was home.モモ goes to tofu shop everyday at 3am to prepare then does delivery at 9am to the customer near the area.Kouda isn’t sure if モモ will go to school after work since he isn’t around.But he assumed モモ is not a hardworking student since he doesn’t turn on the light and study at night.After knowing モモ for one month later, they started to get to know each other therefore sometimes they will go out for meals or play lead balls machine game (a very popular machine game in Japan) together.


  1. I find that figuring out whether or not a guy likes you is comparable to rocket science.

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