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We see a number of early, almost forgotten 3D games in this episode, including Interphase and Archipelagos.

Sim dating rpg game archive

Technos Japan's Super Spike V'Ball is a less creative, though sturdily designed volleyball game. A hastily slapped together collection of bad minigames, the Amiga version at least had nice sound and graphics.

The NES port, developed by Beam (seen last episode with their Back to the Future) is a ugly unpleasant mess.

This is a rather odd card-based game taken from a manga. Choujin Ultra Baseball/Baseball Simulator 1.000 Similar to Softball Tengoku, this Culture Brain title features players with superhuman baseball abilities.

You might be tempted to think I've abandoned this blog. To fill out this episode with something worthwhile, I included the 1989 computer game roundup.

A couple decent titles, Softball Tengoku and Super Spike V'Ball turn up, but the remainder is mostly crap from the likes of Beam, Rare, Tose and the like.

Chrontendo Episode 50 has one of the worst selection of games of any episode so far. As always you can stream it on Youtube in high-ish def ad 60 fps, or you can download it on Archive. The purest, least processed version is the 480p AVI file here. You can see all the downloads here, but avoid any version not mentioned above. There is are also mp4 versions of the about two files.A look at some of the highlights (and a few lowlights, like the amazing David Wolf: Secret Agent), the round up takes a good 30 minutes of Episode 50's run time.The most well known computer games from 89 would be Sim City, Populous, and Prince of Persia, but there are plenty of lesser known important titles like Catacomb (essentially the 2D blueprint for Doom) and Harpoon (considered to be the greatest naval warfare simulation game of all time).The overall narrative of the history of computer gaming in the late 80s and early 90 is: a) the triumph of the DOS based PC over its competitors and b) the ever increasing graphical powers of PCs, when led to the transition from 2D games to 3D games.

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