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It was discovered in this experiment that the women preferred the smell of the shirts from men with very different MHC profiles.

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It’s much more innate.” According to Reuters website, 25-year-old NYU graduate student Jesse Donaldson was one client who excitedly opened the package of sample T-shirts and began sniffing for a match.

After trying out other matchmaking services, Jesse hoped that Smell Dating would help him where other services have fallen short.

Donaldson said, “I’m like so many other people in New York City, using Tinder, using OK Cupid, and my main issue with these things is you feel like you’re shopping for somebody as opposed to making a genuine connection with another human being.” Brain and Lavigne consulted with “a lot of smell researchers” about their project, and wanted to explore whether a person’s body odor can trigger Cupid’s arrow.

Each client that registers with Smell Dating will start their journey by receiving a T-shirt for them to wear for 3 days straight without deodorant. After the 3 days, the client mails the T-shirt back to what is known as Smell Dating’s “Sweat Shop”. “If ‘Client 55’ likes ‘Client 69’ and vice versa, put a heart around it,” explained Tegan Brain.

The Smell Dating team at NYU will then cut the T-shirt into swatches. The idea is based on the science of pheromones: the chemical signals that creatures from gerbils to giraffes to humans send out to entice mates.

If a client smells something they like, they tell Smell Dating for a set-up.Olfactory communication, or communication by scent in humans, has far been underestimated in the past according to researchers at the University of Vienna.They argue that many recent studies have found that pheromones not only play a role in the behavioral and reproduction biology of humans, but also in human sexual behavior.Here is a quick video on the smell of attraction: Researchers at the University of Bern in Switzerland tested their curiosity of humans’ ability to detect specific smells and pheromones by asking women to smell different sweaty T-shirts worn by men for 2 days straight without deodorant, cologne and other distracting scents.The women were asked to rate each man’s shirt for “sexiness,” “pleasantness,” and “intensity of smell.” They found that the ratings were all determined by MHC.MHC, major histocompatibility complex, is a segment of our DNA related to the immune system.


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