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Social thinking (small “s” and “t”) is the process of interpreting the deeper meaning behind what others do in the world, and (if the situation calls for it) prompts us with how to communicate to achieve our social goals.

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Our newest published peer-reviewed article discusses the Social Emotional Chain Reaction - a concept at the foundation of social interaction and at the heart of what we teach through the Social Thinking Methodology.

Social Thinking Vocabulary terms describing behavior as “expected” or “unexpected” are popular as they help students develop self-awareness and look for the “hidden social rules” in a situation.

Determine if your use of the terms is a catalyst for powerful teaching, or just an attempt to redirect behavior. Many students do not qualify for social treatment services given their academic and testing strengths, but they are at the greatest risk for social, emotional and academic problems.

By focusing treatment on improving social competencies rather than social skills, we are able to make gains in reading, writing, speaking, listening, organizational skills, motivation and social self-awareness as they relate to critical thinking and social problem-solving.

We all get bored, and it’s expected that students will be bored at times in class.

But the difference between the teacher giving a student a smile and detention is based on how that student manages his or her boredom.

Teach your students to use these “expected” behaviors when bored for less distraction and better learning by all!

Social Fortune or Social Fate: A Social Thinking Graphic Novel Map for Social Quest Seekers will inspire tweens and teens to explore how their social problem solving and decision making impact others, influence how others treat them, and ultimately - determine how they feel about themselves.

This book provides direct instruction and guidance to our students and their teachers by explaining visually, with words, and with strategy codes how to decipher social situations and related social emotional responses.

Our Clinical Training Program is in high demand and there are a limited number of available spaces!

The intensive three-day training lets you observe an assessment and a variety of Social Thinking treatment sessions and discuss treatment for the different levels of the social mind.


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