Teyana taylor and drake dating 2016

Rihanna may have bitten off more than she can chew after starting an online feud with Teyana Taylor. 12, Taylor posted an Instagram video singing "Caught Up in the Rapture." Somehow Rihanna saw it and obviously didn't like it because Tuesday she posted a video of her male stylist dressed in drag imitating Taylor's rendition of the Anita Baker classic, reports E! But unlike Ciara's less-is-more approach to the "Stay" singer's previous online beef with her, Taylor didn't take the jab quietly. #nomorefreepromo #i Refuse." While some of Taylor's tweets have also since been removed from her feed, she quoted lyrics from Rihanna's mentor Jay Z in her latest post.

"Petty is Petty and shade is shade," she tweeted Sept. "B--ch knew what the f--k she was doing." The 22-year-old singer, who is signed to Kanye West's GOOD Music label, didn't stop there. "90 million dollars & 90 million n---as diving in that b---h box." The "Diamonds" singer's usual outspokenness seemed to be silenced a bit by Taylor's responses, but she eventually shot back tweeting, "I hate broke b--ches." "I REFUSE to help your career," Rihanna tweeted and later deleted. "F--k hashtags and retweets n---a, 140 characters in these streets n---a.

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While she told The News at the time that she "did nothing wrong," the director, Jean-Claude La Marre told TMZ she "jumped on me and began swinging." Now, Taylor seems to be taking the higher road by keeping things strictly verbal.

"On a serious note, @TEYANATAYLOR showed love to @rihanna recently, what's with the lowblows?

" she tweeted seemingly looking to peace things out.

On the flip side, Taylor also posted a postcard on Instagram that reads: "Indirect talk will get you ...

After Desiigner enjoyed his first VMA there was one thing on his mind, like all of us -- Teyana Taylor's ridiculously hot body in Kanye's "Fade" music vid, but his problem is ... We got the Best New Artist nominee leaving the after-party at Up & Down in NYC, and he told us -- as only Desiigner could -- why he's worried about discussing Iman Shumpert's girl.

This clip is hysterical because, of course, he still couldn't resist rating TT's body at work.

Singer Teyana Taylor’s ex-boo Brandon Jennings has been recently in the news for showing off his relationship with Tey’s former friend Tae Heckard.

The singer Now Brandon and Tae are about to walk down the aisle, but Tey has reportedly already moved on to more ballerific pastures.

Teyana recently told The Breakfast Club she was dating someone new, and lately she posted a photo of her new boyfriend to Instagram: Yesterday, New York Knicks baller Iman celebrated his 24th birthday with Teyana coupled up on the beach in Hawaii.


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