The bible and dating older men

Does anyone think it is appropriate for older women to marry younger men? A nd why do some men like marrying and/or dating older women? Join Our Christian Friendship and Take The Dating & Marriage Quiz --- I came across this and I laughed. I have seen Christians that have been saved for 20 years who are still babes in Christ. Unless someone is old enough to be the others parent or grandparent, I see nothing wrong with it. It has to do with ones experiences and what they believe.And ones who have been saved for a 5 years who mighty mature warriors for Christ.

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Why cos I'm full time momma and can't be doing with an additional CHILD.

My husband needs to past the flower of his age :) mature and saved, or he didn't stand a chance.

At least if your both Youths or both mature, you have something along with being saved in common with each other.

If a man is older ain't nothing wrong with that, but a woman needs to have youth on her side for da babies.

It's okay if she can't have any cos of waiting but preferably she's as God intends, not selfish, one track mined, full of worldly perceptions, like wise the a momma I would prefer to have a wife younger thna myself ..

in fact I can't imagine having a wife as old as myself, let alone older.But logically, since life expatancy of women is sbout 4 years longer than a man's it is logical that the wife should be 4 years older. I suppose, because we need to be looked after in old age, and want a younger wife to do this!The result of men having younger wives is that we far more widows than widowers. Where in the Word does it state a man should be older than woman in order for them to wed?And widowers seem far more needful of another wife than widows who seem much better at looking after themselves Older person marrying a younger person can work out but I would not recommend it. They become unteachable, failing to learn new things. Putting a Biblical taint on this age issue is base.When a person begins to age , they tend to stew in their own ways. most lose their sexual desire and sense of playfulness. The relationship is just about over and a lot of time has been lost and wasted. Younger men who date and marry older women usually do so because older women are more settled, self-assured, self-contained, and know what they want.You can then choose to stay with this person or lose your identity. While younger women are still trying to "find" themself.


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