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メンバー10人+サポートメンバーによる東京のカンパニー。ステージ、ダンスにとどまらず、常にたのしく新しい場を発信。私たちが生きている今をポップにパッケージングする、ハッピーオーラ集団。今の複雑さに向かいながらいつのまにか幸福感に満たされてゆく作品性は、たくましい都市と人そのもの。2009サマーツアーでは、代表作「My name is I LOVE YOU」でヨーロッパ各国を巡る旅へ!NHKとのコラボドラマから、銭湯イベント、東京/アジアでのパーティオーガナイズ、spectacle in the farmやFestival / Tokyo09秋への参加、NADiff/a/p/a/r/tでの展示、BCCKS「天然文庫の100冊」シリーズからの書籍リリースまで、活動の幅は広がりつづけている。今後も日本、アジア、ヨーロッパで活動を展開、休まず走りきる予定!(次はアメリカ進出!)そんなfaifaiについたあだ名は、「Trash&Freshな日本の表現者」。夢にまでみた21世紀、みんなで世界を盛り上げよう!稲村朋子 Yelena Gulzman(1日、2日) 菅尾なぎさ 鈴木康文(1日、3日) トチアキタイヨウ 中保佐和子 Nicolas Kontos Michael Renassia メガネ faifai(rinoooooooooo、おるが、Noro・2日のみ) Uuuco.i AKAFUNDOSHI&越前谷美里 Cherry tyhoon(2日のみ) Today:~(Tokyo) [email protected] Echo and Cloud、Shape Less Music MIX show!!

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It was an ‘international’ speed dating event, meaning that there would be a lot of white men and Japanese women.

At those events, we Japanese men are a minority and so are western women and other Asian men and women.

At the event, we talked to one person at a time for four minutes.

After four minutes, we moved on to the next person and another four-minute chat began.

It was almost painful for me to talk to so many random people in a row. Nonetheless, I had some interesting conversations: Japanese marriage party, Haruki Murakami, Argentina, etc.

You’re looking for a serious relationship but can’t seem to meet anyone interesting around you? With the invention of dating apps like Tinder, we sometimes forget how people used to meet back in the day.In the land of overworked singles with little free time, it should come to no surprise that organized dating events are so popular.Speed dating is still very much alive in Japan with dozens of events happening every week.If these events are mostly geared towards a Japanese speaking clientele, do not despair if your nihongo skills are not quite up to par.Tokyo Speed Dating has been organizing international events for lonely hearts since 2001.Always up for a challenge, I decided to join a friend and try speed dating when he asked me to accompany him.


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