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Huntsville Gymnastics has been the leading gymnastics training center in North Alabama since it opened in 1993.

The center is conveniently located at just south of Drake Avenue.

It is still the best-equipped gymnastics facility in the region and offers a wide range of class times for all ages, while consistently maintaining the lowest coach/student ratios in the area.

Our competitive program turns out top-notch gymnasts at all levels, bringing home a record 50 Gold Medals at State this past year and winning three state team titles!

Yet it is our recreational program, the boys and girls who come for just an hour or two a week, for which we are best-known.

At Huntsville Gymnastics we focus on teaching gymnastics skills in the best possible environment.

Our lead instructors are all safety-certified, we have the best equipment (and enough of it that our students never have to wait in line), and we maintain very small teaching groups.

We want our students to be safe while they are learning.

We believe these are the keys to our success, and the reason for our continual growth over the last twenty-three years.


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