Ugly people dating site

Then again, those early commercials were a sight to behold.It's quite possibly the saddest thing on the internet: a dating website dedicated entirely to ugly people.Granted, at the most basic of levels, the site could be a useful tool, but watching people degrade and categorize themselves as 'ugly' is all sorts of sad.

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is designed for men and women who are tired of looking for someone to marry and just want to get on with it.

The premise doesn't sound so bad - those looking for marriage should be able to find like-minded people - but the name of the site itself is so pushy and creepy that even people looking for marriage will probably get scared off.

is just a way for cat owners to find someone with similar interests, which is surely what the site's original purpose was.

That's why the more specific sites exist: if you're looking for someone special but don't want to go through hundreds of other people to get there, then using a site tailored to your preferences makes sense.

Hundreds of thousands of users log on every day, and with only basic tools to filter through them, people can get matched with literally hundreds of other users.

Of course, there's definitely a limit on how specific a site can get before the whole thing gets weird.

Looking for someone who's into sports or certain kinds of food is fine, but why would anyone in their right mind need to find someone with food allergies, or a sea captain?

Yes, those are real sites, and trust us - it only gets weirder from there...

By far the most popular site on this list, Farmers became something of a sensation a few years back.

It was first in what would become a resurgence of bizarre dating sites, but it's still relatively tame.

At the very least, it makes sense: out in rural areas, it's probably harder to find someone who's date-worthy.

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