Updating album art

To easily find and add missing i Tunes album covers to your songs, you will soon be able to use a third-party software, which is designed to get your missing i Tunes album artwork completely automatically.

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On the other hand, the manual way of adding artwork using i Tunes is slow and inefficient.

Did you know that i Tunes doesn’t add artwork to your songs, but simply stores the album artwork in a folder on your PC?

Using the above mentioned software this will change and album artwork will be tagged directly in your songs.

A nice feature of i Tunes is to the ability to display the album artwork on your screen while the music is playing.

Most of the songs you download from the Internet or copy from CDs already have the album art. You can instruct i Tunes to search for it, or you can find an image on the Internet and attach it to an album or song.

I don't know if it's the easiest way, but I use Media Monkey.

It goes to Amazon (you choose which nationality) and auto-tags what it finds. My Classical music is the most problematic, but I find pretty good track listings.

Apple’s i Tunes remains one of the main ways we access music on our Mac.

It’s great for playing all this music tracks we’ve collected over the years.

If you buy music from i Tunes, then it comes complete with album art (along with accurate track listing information).

However, if you import albums from CDs then it doesn’t always come with album art.


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