Updating blackberry version msho liquidating trust

If you’re interested in downloading the beta and getting started with Viber for Black Berry 2.4, simply click here.

Paket Blackberry yang ditawarkan axisini cukup murah bila dibandingkan dengan operator yang lainya.

Sekarang tinggal kamu mau memilih paket yang mana yang sesuai.

The Java language has undergone several changes since JDK 1.0 as well as numerous additions of classes and packages to the standard library.

Just a few months ago, Skype competitor Viber previewed voice calling on the Black Berry platform.

Viber is available on a multitude of platforms, including i OS, Windows Phone 8, Bada, S40, Symbian, and the list goes on.

However, Black Berry represents a good chunk of Viber’s user base (it’s their third largest platform behind i OS and Android), and yet it’s still in the minority of Viber apps that don’t have access to voice calls. Viber has pushed out an update for Black Berry users to version 2.4 of the Viber app, finally bringing free voice calls to Black Berry users for the first time.

At first, the update will roll out in a beta version to push the feature out as quickly as possible. Here’s what Viber CEO Talmon Marco said in a prepared statement: Black Berry is one of the most important markets for us and represents our third largest user base.

We are thrilled to bring this community free voice calling, letting them communicate freely with all of their important contacts across multiple platforms.

Interestingly enough, this latest update to voice calling doesn’t include support for the new BB10 operating system Black Berry is so excited about.

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