Updating suitcase 11 to fusion

Never worry about losing fonts, or transferring them from one machine to another.

Save your entire font collection in the cloud, with the Extensis Type Sync cloud service included FREE with Suitcase Fusion 7.

Save your font library in the cloud and it’s then easy to instantaneously synchronize it to another machine.

updating suitcase 11 to fusion-21

Need to quickly synchronize your font library across multiple users? I need to synchronize multiple users Motion designers rejoice!

Live type is now much easier to consistently use in your compositions.

This NEW first-in-class plug-in embeds Font Sense metadata into your projects, ensuring that you’ll never need to go digging deep into your project to locate and replace missing fonts again.

There are many challenges in your day – demanding clients, complex projects, impossible deadlines, and more. Let Suitcase Fusion remove your font woes and keep you focused on more important tasks.

“I’ve been using Suitcase for decades because I’ve found it to be the best all-around tool for the job.” “It’s compatible with all my design apps, it’s fast and stable, and it offers just the right amount of nice new features…” Read the Review “The real excitement here is for users with multiple computers.” “Type Sync allows you to sync your fonts on two machines (a single license allows for two installations).

In my testing, this feature lives up to its name by keeping multiple font libraries and any font sets in them in sync.” Read the Review Font Sense technology built into Suitcase Fusion examines and identifies the unique metrics of each font, guaranteeing that the correct font is always used for a document.

As fonts are added to Suitcase Fusion they are scanned using the patented technology Font Sense that fingerprints each font with a unique identifier.

This identifier based on specific font characteristics, is unique to this specific version of a font – wherever it exists.

When a font is used in a document, the auto-activation plug-ins record Font Sense data in the document, so the next time the document is opened, the precise fonts required for that document are activated.


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