Updating to explorer 7 0 Free flipino live sexy cam iphone

followed the link and went through each individual required update for IE installation.

turned out that all of the Pre Requisite updates are already installed in my computer.

Even Window update tries to install IE11 but each time gets an error.

If IE11 is not available in that menu, it did not get installed.

Also, IE11 is usually auto downloaded in the windows update.

It could be that it is hidden from available updates.

I installed Internet Explorer 11 and I am still running IE8.

I would like to uninstall IE8 or at least make IE11 the default one.

I have been having issues previously to install it using Windows Update even if I had the Windows Update set to automatically install updates.

Any idea why I still have IE8 running instead of IE11?

You can't have both IE8 and IE11 installed on Windows 7, so it sounds to me like your IE11 install failed (or hasn't happened).

Either that or your Windows is massively corrupted and you should consider a reinstall.


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