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As I was perusing the YCPS this summer I happened to stumble upon a lecture called "Disney." I was pleased with myself for spotting a potential hidden gem and knew I would shop it.What I failed to consider, however, was the fact that liking Disney is not unique. Challenges facing the global community as it undergoes a power transition with the relative decline of the West and the emergence of powers such as China, India, and Brazil.Nearly every child in America has some sort of relationship with Disney. Natural challenges such as demography, climate, and energy security; systemic issues related to the balance of power, economic crises, and trade globalization; new threats, including rogue states, terrorism, and WMD proliferation; regional challenges in Asia, Ukraine/Crimea, the Middle East, and Africa.

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This class is the ideal intersection of "Interesting material that is relevant and won't put you to sleep" and "Just a midterm and a take-home final?

Please and thank you." So a shout-out to you, Professor Howorth, one of the unsung heroes of Yale College. In lieu of getting a dramatic facial tattoo, growing a handlebar mustache, wearing prescriptionless glasses, or learning acoustic guitar, take introduction to psychology!

College is about answering those angsty, vaguely narcissistic questions: Who am I? All these teens and twentysomethings just want to understand themselves.

Whether you are an engineering major with classes picked out straight until graduation or a freshman who tried to get into a 400-level polisci seminar, a SWUG shopping only the guttiest guts or an overeager shopper going to eight classes a day, you are done. You plan to show up to class 15 minutes early to grab a great seat, only to realize that there’s a mob already forming outside the classroom. These classes are Intro to Microeconomics and BIOL 101. No one gets all worked up over those gorgeous supply and demand curves.

It becomes unclear how early you really have to get there. Students taking BIOL 101 or Intro to Microeconomics are grinding through their prerequisites come hell or high water.

Note: There are two lectures that also surpassed 300 students at their peak and are not featured on this list for purely subjective reasons.

Introduction to the social, cultural, and political history of lesbians, gay men, and other socially constituted sexual minorities.

Focus on understanding categories of sexuality in relation to shifting normative regimes, primarily in the twentieth century.

The emergence of homosexuality and heterosexuality as categories of experience and identity; the changing relationship between homosexuality and transgenderism; the development of diverse lesbian and gay subcultures and their representation in popular culture; religion and sexual science; generational change and everyday life; AIDS; and gay, antigay, feminist, and queer movements. Take it because you're in the major, take it to learn more about an important subject, take it to shock your homophobic grandparents.


  1. BBB released the world’s first Android-based mobile blood… Proto.io, the mobile app prototyping software used by more than 300,000 industry professionals and regular, non-technical people, today announced the launch of 6. Where are the momentum that will lead the next decade in the consumer market in China?

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