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ALSO I AM LOOING FOR ANYONE THAT MIGHT KNOW ANY BRANCHES OR CLAYS FROM FULSHEAR TEXAS THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP. My mother was born on September 28, 1940 at University Hospital, Augusta, GA. All I know is what my mother was told - that she was delivered by Dr. wife in Sulu-Tamsila Mendoza BAIRD, children: Sally and LAURENCE M. Some of thier children are Hilda, Norma, Florence, Edward, (Buck? She was married to a Herbert Lyons from Bethel, Maine, who was in the Army and served in the Korean Conflict as a truck driver. I'm looking for relatives of Kenneth Douglass and Mary Mae Jodrey Mott, born 6/2/1917, living and married 8/18/1941 in Meriden, Connecticut. HIS WIFES NAME IS SHELIA AND CHILDREN ARE JOHNNY WARREN AND CARRIE CANDI STANFIELD Mc Coy- Seeking information on the children or parents of Tyron Mc Coy Jr. Please if anyone can supply information about records. His oldest son was James Gamble, who was the father of Col. My mother left my father brother Kenneth , my sister Christine and myself Deborah Sellers , she went back to Indiana my real question is I know my father was a very nice looking man and he went to a lounge called the sea horse, did my father date anyone or get married do I have any siblings, MANN and PEGGY ROLLERSON took care of us for a while to help dad, and ZOLLY and ANITA ALDRIDGE I think we rented off them but I was only in the 3rd grade of school in okeechobee, I miss the south so much because thats where I belonged with my dad I was at my happiest then my mother came one day to take me away from my dad ,she decided she needed money so insted of getting a job she thought child suport was the way to go, so as we pulled away on a trailways bus I`m looking out the back window at my dad and brother standing there, my father crying like a baby, thats the day my dad`s heart broke and she did it, if anyone out there remebers my father RUSSELL LYVELL SELLERS please contact me. Maria Louisa b.1833 or 1834 in Greenville NC, d.1898 in Atlanta. Laura Edlund CORBIN Seeking information on William L. , GA or FL,half-brothers, Samuel SCHLEY,b.1900-1916, GA,d. Thank you Anne Littleton Goeman Jones seeking information on Garth E.

ANITA CLAY-BOST Looking for my birth father Percy henry walker Jr. Do I have any brother's or sisters what was her parents name? Will Jennings (Augusta's former Mayor), and that the Hatchers gave her the name Arlene Jennings Hatcher in tribute to Dr. BAIRD(deceased}-children: Virginia, Laurence Jr., Bernardo, Eduardo, Prescilla, Richard, William, Ernesto, Elena, Luisa, Romeo, Pilar, LAURENCIO, AND theodore Baird. Any one out there that knows this lady please contact me at address above or by e-mail. She may remember my parents Philip and Nellie Daye of Bethel, Maine. I understand that Mary, my aunt, died in 1995 and her husband died in 1994.. HAZEL -aka Patty Glenaman I READ A RESPONSE REGARDING THE UNION OF BEN POSEY AND ROSA (WALKER) POSEY. Robert Gamble, who settled in Richmond with his wife Catherine Grattan. THANK YOU DEBORAH SELLERS RUSSELL LYVELLE SELLERS HOWARD- I am searching for info on George J. George was a Lieutenant in Company 1st E 1st Gerogia Infantry during the Civil War, but so far I have been unable to confirm this. Corbin that we believe married a Elizabeth Sophronie Jane Copeland on January 06, 1884 in Richmond County, Ga. 1970-1980s, Miami, FL, Son BRAY, Vidette, GA,sister, Matilda Harris OSBORNES, GA, mother, Matilda Harris(maiden name unknown), GA, father, Samuel Harris, GA Josey James I am in search of my birth mother. From what i understand was that her name made have been Betty jean elliot but my dad said she may have been adopted by the family name Kneeshaw. Woods 111 NORMAN, seeking information on Mose, Silas and Howard Norman, especially Mose died Apr 1980 Wilkes Co., GA and Howard died Tift Co., GA. Thank you, Diane Blair Diane Blair I am in hopes to find Lillie Braswell-Middleton and Henry Middleton and or any information concering Levi Middleton and or any info on the Sassnetts.

andrea lowens i am looking for any information on the elliott family that lived in throoptown augusta township from the year 1900 especially john and george elliott i am johns grandaughter and am trying to trace amy family tree alice merkley BADHAM- searching for info or descendants of William Badham, born 1875, Begelly, Pembrokeshire, WALES UK. Can anyone help me at 30 years of age find out who I am? Jennings, Bea Hamilton, or how I might obtain a list of all live white female births at University Hospital on Sept. from Virginia) who married alice nolan, lived in St. Crosby I am looking for relatives of my Grandfather, George L. Now I have it back to 1623- Nasbey Mills whom froughtin the Revoluntionary War Anne Mills Averette STORM - of grundy co ill decentences of Andreas storm who came from denmark he was dons great grandfather would like any info you have think you Andreas father of Tracy father of Martin father of Donald still a storm farm at gardner close to a hundred year form if not a hundred year all ready D. If anybody knows anything aboutmy fam.please get in youch. He is believed to be burried in the ward Cemetery west of Strawberry Arkansas. I'm working on genealogy of the Austin Nimrod Jodrey Family who came from Nova Scotia, Canada in the early 1900's. Looking for Nellie Doris Jodrey Daye's sister Mary Arline Jodrey, my aunt, married to a dentist by the last name of Kirby. BASED ON YOUR E-MAIL RESPONSE, SHE HAS OBTAINED SOME INFORMATION OR HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH BEN POSEY. IN 1918, HE WAS KILL OVERSEAS AUG.4.1918 HE WAS INDUCTED IN THE ARMY IN DECATUR, ALA, APRIL 1,1918 HE MARRIED MY GRAND MOTHER DUCIE L. JONES, I BELEVE HIS DADDY NAME WAS ROBERT JONES FROM MT. Please contact me at: [email protected] you have information on this family. Harvey seaching for my brother Ricky Dunbar he was adopted by DR. This would have been my grand-parents and any assistance will be appreciated. Married to Mary Ann TUCKER born: 1852-1915 married Oct 5, 1873 in Upshur Co., Texas Looking for parents and siblings Gayle Rynders I am looking for my father carl mcquitter born on august 19,1943 last seen around june of 1983 don't know if he is alive or dead last known place of resedent cleveland,ohio any help will do thank you rita Seeking information on my mother MARTHA CLANTON COMPOLA, was last seen in Thomasville Georgia where she resided for six years that are known of. When my mother was killed in a car accident we lived in Augusta and my half-sister lived in our home after mother's death. carolyn cowart seeking info on PARNELL family in augusta. also need info on charles' wife's family--cornelia elizabeth WALKER's parents--lewis WALKER and mary ann malesy BROWN. unknown d.1960-1970s, GA, sister Rosia or Rosie or Rose Lee Harris HAMILTON SUMMERSET,b. She did not know which name came first on her birth certificate.

He was my grandfather's brother, and 'ran away' from home in early 1900s, believed to have ended up in USA or Australia. Christi Anne Garrison Any information about Michael Son,captain of Cresaps Rifle Company in Md during revolutionary war. in the late 1950s, maybe French Canadian, maybe from Massachuettes, need to find urgently, any one remember Roger Boucher, I may be spelling Boucher wrong, but that is what we have been told by Joan who knew Roger. Storm WHITE/TAYLOR: Am looking for the family of Iulus WHITE (d.1979) and his wife, Audrey TAYLOR WHITE (d.1973); that is, their daughters Anne Caroline and Audrey Frances and their children. Thanks Eileen (Poorman) Tucker I am desperately looking for Samuel H. He service in the United States Marine Corp with me. He married a lady he called Kitty may be short for Catrina or Cathy or Catherine. Fogle/Hall/Holt/Hall now Biggs A CORRECTION TO THE QUERY ON HENRY JOSEPH SMITH 2 DOWN. ALSO WOULD GREATLY ANY INFORMATION CONCERNING NATURAL FATHER OF DOLA LEE STRICKLAND. Would like to visit with the person that has the cemetery records. My mother's name was Nellie Doris Jodrey Daye, a sister to Mary. Was living in Clearwater, Florida for years and now residing somewhere in the state of Maryland. ALSO, IF YOU COULD RESEND ME YOUR E-MAIL RESPONSE TO [email protected] PLEASANT, TENN, IF ANY ONE CAN HELP ME WITH ANYTHING ON MR. JONES PLEASE CALL ME AT 334-265-5100 THANK YOU REBECCA BISHOP rebecca bishop i am searching for info on crews family living in augusta around 1961. connected to the old what a burger on broad street in 1962, and also connected to the old "Patio" on peach orchard road. Lloyd Dunbar in 1959 in beckley w.v and i was adopted by Dan and Pauline Cox of meadow bridge w.v in 1959 we been separated for 45 years we also have a brother named Jimmy we have no information please help me Lisa Cox PIERSON and WALKER - Seeking information on Lewis C. I was only 4 years old and do not remember my sister. Sandra George Allen BATTEN - Seeking information concerning Lewis Batten, father of Peter Batten b. my husband's great-grandfather was charles george washington PARNELL whose parents were nelson PARNELL and mereb emaline JEFFORDS. am having markers put on their graves but do not know lewis' family to research him further.

Was born appx 1750 and joined militia in Augusta County. ) their children Sarah (harrington)OLSON born 1872 died 1944 wife of Chris M OLSON born 1861 died 1938 - Mary E Harrington born 1876 died 1908 - Margaret Harrington born 1874 died 1897 - Betsey (OSGOOD ? Many thanks Rosx Ros Curtis I am seeking death date and buriel place of Obediah Albee born 1705 Mendon , Ma. They lived at the following address in 1904 Highland Ave, Augusta, GA. I let him down by not being there for his Mother's funeral or his wedding to Kitty. SHE WAS BORN 1898 HER MOTHER WAS MARTHA JANE STRICKLAND AND HER STEPFATHERWAS JAMES MCBEE. HER MOTHER'S FATHER WAS JOSEPH HIERS STRICKLAND AND HER MOTHER WAS SUSAN HIGHSMITH. NET (all lower case), I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. tammie craft powell BROWN: i am looking to find a death date for my died in gore hospital, in hopemont,wv preston the early 1940'was born 1913 in nicholas co,was married to arthur lived in standard,wv kanawha co,name. alice long I am trying to find where in VIRGINIA my father died, the town,county and the cause of death.

native kentuckian seeking indian heritage, great-grandmother was cherokee whom located to ky from ga . I would really be thankful for any information that anyone has ANITA CLAY-BOST I AM LOOKING FOR ANYONE THAT MAY KNOW JEROME BODY-MARUICE HILL HE MARRIED A SPANIS LADY BY THE NAME OF HELEN AND THEY HAD FOUR CHILDREN: SHILREY HILL-BODY CHRISTINE HILL-BODY CURTIS HILL-BODY THEY WERE RAISED BY THERE GRANDFATHER AND MOTHER HELEN FISHER AND I AM NOT SURE WHAT MY GREATGRAND FATHERS NAME WAS THEY ALL LIVED IN HOUSTON TEXAS ON CARL STREET FROM WHT I UNDRESTAND MY GRANDFATER DIED IN SING-SING. I know he lived in North Augusta and was a charter member of the first Baptist church there. He had 4 sons (grown) one of whom is my grandfather, Joseph Eugene Smith of Augusta, Ga. He was wounded in the war(I was born in 1957 to Lucille Jordan from Newark NJ. Would like to know if they had any family, and where are they now. Please if anyone has any information email me at [email protected] Elizabeth Johnson I am looking for the grave sites of my gggrandparents, Elisa Thompson Jones who was killed Bayou Metre, Arkasas in the civil war, and His wife Elizabeth J. As far as I have been told, she was buried in Gumbo Cemetery Chesterfeild Mo. don't know her name she was born in macon GA Live there in the early 1900s Johnny sold the wagon and mule went to chicago about in 1940's jacqueline jones Jackie Jones- seeking information on Johnny Johnson In Chicago Illinois from macon Georgia married to a Anna Mae durning the 1950-1957 Kill in 1957 on the west side of chicago. Lucy Ellen Smith Coffman, wife of William Spangler Coffman from Athen Oh Asylum somewhere around 1910 - 1920. She has been gone for many years, and all of her children. This happen two years before i was born, so i never got to know him. Both my birth mother and sister were still living in augusta ga. Last known to be living in the Galveston, texas area. Looking for William's Birth Parents , and County of His birth. They were members of Richardson Methodist Chruch in 1840-50. Particular interest in cort records of adoption of William Solomon (Gran-son of The Matchetts)in 1840's. Solomon I am seeking information about my mothers family in belfast maine would be glenys and clifton beckwith my grandparents I would like to know my relatives my mothers name barbara louise beckwith before she was ever married. I think all have been located except for Vickie Izeata Egan appox 42 years old father posibbly Ambros Egan from Flordia any news would be geatly appreciated. 1st cousin to her mother, [email protected] henry My second cousin is trying to locate her sisters and brothers. Ella Hayward,she was my greatgrandmother,her sister's name was Sally. If theres any famileyleft please contact me lookig my roots. Bowman GAUDETTE - Seeking information on Andre or Andrew Gaudette, estimated birth 1896 in Lowell, MA. Looking for Alida's parents and siblings as well as Andre's.

sherry epperson RUTLEDGE - Seeking information on Elijah Bird Rutledge, b. Bernice DAniels I am looking for anyone that may have information about A William Branch that lived in Fulshear Tx. All I know is that he was the first black teacher in Fulshear and that he had one leg. They had about four children Celoa Branch, Lilly Branch, Sonny Branch, and aunt Gee which moved from Fulshear at a young age. Supposedly he had been working in the flooded basement of the store. I only know that my natural fathers's name was Robert Johnson. They were on their way to visit with my grandfather STANISLAW BERGUNDER in Russell Manitoba Canada. Jo Golden Looking for My husbands grandmothers Grave site, Her name is Amy Edith Stedman Henry. My father name was johnny johnson move to Chicago at a young age Has or had a sister in tallehassee FL. Looking for more info these men, other siblings and their parents. Dunaway If anyone knew Everett Missey I would like to hear form you. And was shot down somewhere over the netherlands DEC 16 1943 h IS Body was never recovered. Looking for a Paul Franklin Jones who knows Ila Jacks Mason of Ottumwa, Iowa. The only factual information I have is that my birth mother and sister were put on a bus or train and sent back to Augusta Ga. My sister may be older than me but I think we are triplets. Worth within days of our birth and given up for adoption. His last name is copeland and there for Bibb county georgia. Ward of Jacob & Mary Matchett in the 1850 Irwin Co., Georiga. Solomon Looking for any info'on Jacob & Mary Matchett. Watkins Hi I am looking for any of Patricia Omsteads children. But Pamla Irene Joanson, is rying to locate the rest of her siblings. Thank you Judy Sindon Judy Sindon Seeking information about A Alfroamerican familey theirlast name is Hayward. Andre died around 1951 in Torrington, CT after marrying Alice. Looking for death information on Andre or Andrew, not found through SS death index.

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. Specifically looking for any information about the marriage of HENRY STAPLES and CORNELIA COX. I definitely have indian blood, but can't prove it. I have is that he contracted typhoid during the flood of 1909 and died May 23, 1909. charleen smith-steen looking for aunt and uncle margie and george langston adopted in the 1960s last know whereabouts center alabama been looking for 12 years all roads leads to a dead end please help me to find them jim langston My name is Deborah I recently found out that my father was not my dad . deborah jordan BERGUNDER-Seeking information on my grandfathers two brothers; EMIL BERGUNDER 1874-1906 and JOZEF BERGUNDER 1878-1906, both died in a train crash near Woodville, Indiana 12/11/1906 may be B&O chicago Line. Jim Boland Jacqueline Johnson Jones- Seeking to find any information on a Fannie Mae johnson and Eddie Johnson these are my grand parents. Last known address is in Sacramento or Arcadia California. I am a part of a set of twins or triplets born about August 17, 1948 around Baird, Callahan county, Texas. He was very young when his father passed away from cancer. [email protected] copeland William Solomon/Solomons, Born:1843 in Georiga. any information please contact ruth henry at [email protected] henry I'm looking for relatives that live in Alantic Iowa or surrounding area. Mattie was also married to a Rosco Murl Lincoln, but I'm not sure when he died. Children Thomas, Mary C;, Margaret A., Ellen M., Annie E., Grace, Willian T., James E., Robert. Anyone knowing anything about any of these people, PLEASE contact me. Around 1930 they separated/divorced with Alida moving to Concord with her children. I have a lot of information, but I am looking for where they are buried and where the old family farm is located. Atkinson Need to know the correct office and address to research marriage records for the year 1885. I know that she had indian blood and she was my great grandmother. If you hane any info contact me through my E-mail please. Matriarchs include Charlotte Coleman who later married William J. Gibson Coleman who later married Thomas Jefferson Aldred. I do know that my grandfather (William Edmound (Edmond)Davis married Elvia May Hathaway in Dec. ALBERTA REINERD I am trying to locate a Paul Franklin Jones, originally from Iowa. I was stolen along with my brother on the day of or the day after our birth. on a copeland family in macon georiga please email me. Pam summer would likek to locate her sister vickie, I think the rest have been found. I'm also looking for any relation to Cleve Stumbo,who died in 1975 in the state of Iowa. He was married to a Mattie Roberson, she died in 1971. I know that we have relatives in New York, Poughkeepsie area. 1832 in Louth, Ireland, married Ann Elizabeth Belton. I do not know how these two family's relate, but do know that they are related. They had four children - Rita, Robert, Beatrice and Yvette. Dixon Atkinson, Zachariah Atkinson, Avery Atkinson (who fought for the 12th GA Light Artillery Battalion). Kathy Crowe Collins family in the Augusta area, especially Mc Bean/Hephzibah area. Matt Collins The oldest name in my family is "peavy" Rebecka Peavy lived and died in farmersville Louisiana. Any information would be appreciated Ruth Henry Seeking information about Colemans in Jefferson County during 1800s (John Sr., Revolutionary War Soldier, John, William A., Joseph, and Marcus). (Pamela & Lewis Pierson moved on to Hancock Co., Ga. Shirley La Garde In search of mother, missing since 1954.mental pation history. So we are trying to find out for our children, & grand children. If you can help us or know anything it is appreciated. One of the girls lives in new Jersey, owns a restraunt that would be donna they have located all except for vickie, I M not sure that she was a Johansen or an Omstead, but the one brother donald johansen died very young. Donnie Lincoln I am looking for the father of Jeremiah Carroll b. some children born in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada and the rest in Cook co. Jeremiah was my great-grandfather and he is my brick wall! Family farm was somewhere in the vicinity of Blythe, Bath, Hephzibah. HINNANT JACKSON SEEKING, FAMILY OF MAMIE JACKSON IN DOUGLAS, GA SHE HAD A DAUGHTER BY THE NAME OF ROSA, A SON JOSEPH. CHILDRENS FATHER NAME WAS THOUGHT TO BE JOHN MITCHELL. ANGELIA PARKER If anyone has access to a city directory or phone directory for one of the years between 1952 to 1956, I would like to know the names of the people living at 1201 Mc Farland Avenue, Rossville, GA. Samuel, Leven, George, Stephen, Moses, Lewis, James are the first names I'm looking for but I'd like to speak to anyone with Collins related info in Augusta .... Pierson was married to (1) Mary Shaw (2) Pamela Walker Simpson. All of the grand parents, parents are dead & only 14 children living. Several of us children of Russell Orris Davis have the extra rib as only the native american Indian have so the doctors have told us. Children: Mary, John, Thomas, Edward, Catherine, Frances, Elizabeth C., Steven. I'm searching for Elijah's parents, siblings, and WHERE they came to America FROM. Cindy Rutledge Kohler ATKINSON - Seeking any information on the Atkinsons that lived in Richmond and Burke Counties. would like to talk to her sister barbara or another one. one sister-i believe the name is debbie, died around 97 or 98. At least our grandmother has always told us we were descendent from them so iam am trying to find out for sure. ALL OF MY AUNTS ARE DEAD MY UNCLE NOW LIVES IN CALIFORNIA SOMEWHERE WE CALL HIM UNCLE CURTIS. ere Mary Jane Cleghorn Seper My great grandfather (William Fredrick Sample) co-owned a grocery store called "DICKS, LYON & SAMPLE" wholesale and retail groceries located at 901 Broad St. I have copies of two different newspaper ads advertising the store but would like any info. thank you very much, Harold Sample Harold Sample SMITH-Seeking information of Wright Smith of Dearing, Ga. He and his wife later had 2 more sons and a daughter. Some information mentioned that the brother, Emil may have been married,and may have lived in or near Ghicago. Bergunder HATCHER - Looking for my mother's birth parents. Nellie (Cox) Stevens Nellie (Cox) Stevens assigned in Sulu, Philippines. I'm looking for a woman by the married name, back in the early 1950's now divorced, by the name of Emma Lyons from Macon, Georgia. trying to find other sibblings if any jacqueline jones I suffer from depression and excessive compulsive disorder. She was beautiful, she looked like an American Indian. I am doctoring for depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. Thank you sharon sharon throgmorton DUNAWAY- seeking information on William Dunaway, George Dunaway, John Dunaway, b. We thank his name is on the ww2 war memorial in the NETHERLANDS. Joseph E Missey I am looking for a man by the name of Steven Hynes. I think he might have moved to Nova Scotia after his wife Sarah Hynes had passed away. I f you have any onformation on this man can you please email me, thank you Rhonda Gaulton GAMBLE - Seeking information on Robert Gamble, the emigrant that came from Ireland and settled in Augusta County, Virginia. My birth mother was originally from the augusta ga. elizabeth cersosimo SELLERS- Seeking information on Russell LYVELLE SELLERS alias RUTT, worked in construction in the 1960`s . George married Maria Louisa GOLDSMITH on 30 November 1853 in Cartersville GA. Roberta Aldrich looking for info on William Henry Lyttleton, gov of SC ca 1755...looking also for William Littleton m Sarah Cottingham ca 1768 son Thomas Littleton m Mary Matlock this family to Roane Co TN ca 1799...

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