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Lucas Cruikshank is a teenage director and actor who got his start by making videos with his cousins John and Katie, and posting them on You Tube. Lucas decided to make videos by himself a while after he came up with the character you all love, Fred, who is an annoying 6-year-old with an uncaring ...

Fred I don't know why kids think that FRED is the funniest thing ever.

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If I didn't have the risk of getting a life sentence for murder, that kid would have a headshot coming straight toward him within a few days. He's back, after more than a year and a half of absence, but if you don't know what happened before, he sold his Fred channel to whiny, more idiotic people, this sounds like good news for haters, about him selling his channel, but somehow, the "fans" missed him so much that he rebooted Fred, but because of him selling that channel, he now does them on the channel that's named after his real name, which got contaminated after he said that he was gay, which might not surprise some, but too late, he returned in December 27, 2015.

Beware that due to the modernized quality, his voice in the new reboot videos is Much, MUCH louder than on his old videos. I mean, he really sounds like a true girly girl I hate how my school is putting some of his "music" (it's not even actual music) in the hallways during the four minutes, and I might be okay listening it to the first time, but seriously, the repetition incinerates my ears. This kid is getting "famous" because of how "cute" he is. This little kid gets over 15M views for reviewing Angry birds, while millions of others around the world, try to be You Tubers but are just not getting the progress.

You thought he was done forever, but think again, yet this was not his last video, he did one on Valentine's day noon on the channel this video was uploaded on. I once played Bieber music over the phone to my friend, and he thought that it was Taylor Swift! Nah matty safe he's cool jealous because you can't sing leave the kid alone Evan Tube HDThe channel is super annoying. This kid is just going to grow up and realise his whole life was on the internet and not playing games with his friends and going outside like every other normal kid on the planet. Just look at me, I've been grinding for almost 1.5 years and I only have 100 subs and 20K views.

That video was made near the END of 2015, and it's a Fred video, the recent one on Valentine's Day was in FEBRUARY 14, 2016, UNBELIEVABLE! Fakes being scared, screams too much, makes immature unfunny jokes, acts as retarded as possible to entertain his "bro army", which mainly consists of 8-12 year olds. This is the worst channel, aside from maybe Guptill89. He is just a bad singer who just got famous through his looks. I personally think he's trying to get his life over with too quickly. Personally, I think Bratayley is worse, but still, little kids on You Tube?

So ..He's not even funny Pew Die Pie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias Pew Die Pie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on You Tube.1. Saying every youtuber who plays the same games copy him.2. When I watched his videos It felt like watching paint dry.3. The videos I watched were his happywheels let's pat, and all he did was shout "I DON'T CARE" in front of the screen... And when he's playing Amnesia and finds a gold statue called, "Stephano" he stops what ever the hell he is doing and creates a fake voice for it, picks it up and literally the next few parts of the lets play is just HIM talking to this golden statue... Do not attempt to say anything negative about their overlord on any of his Youtube videos, your inbox will be filled with "your just jealous" replies. You can find one that can suit your taste of comedy, without having to single out a person trying his best to entertain others. Now every person can't find what true beauty is because its not having a Flicky fringe and swearing at camera men but now it is! Like come on, they go out onto the street and around 10 people recognise them, WHY DO THEY CARE ABOUT THEM?

I'm a fan of Pewdiepie, and I am not mad at you about those things. - Some Dude I actually used to like him, but he seemed to become more immature as he grew in popularity! They attack anyone who has a negative opinion of Pewdiepie, and anyone they assume to have copied him! I TOTALLY knew that Annoying Orange would be on here. He tries to be funny, but we all know that he is not! Bieber is a disgrace This is the world you can see talentless people can make millions now. They're not even entertaining, it's just life, and we know how that is.

Yes, he screams too much, he acts retarded and he does weird things. Most of his fans are annoying little kids who have nothing better go do than worship their idol and tear apart anyone who has an opinion of him that they don't approve of. I liked him on You Tube, when he FIRST started his channel. Matty BRaps He thinks he's so great, he's rather overly conceited and his "rapping" isn't even good. See, this is why people like staged videos like Angry Grandpa and Mc Jugger Nuggets. Sure, there might be bad acting and staged, but let's face it, we all would rather watch a 22 yr old kid scream like Squidward when his dad mows over his games, rather than an eight year old act like he's all famous, he doesn't deserve it.

I even saw some of them here, trying to defend him and making a fool of themselves in the process. Felix is a nice guy but what bugs me is his rabid fans. But now, I HATE the newer ones, AND NOW HE HAS A SHOW?!?!?!? Nobody likes him, and this SHOW on Cartoon Network is retarded. He also does the same "dance moves" in every video. And Evan, if you're seeing this, go ask your mom to make a ..- trollerofnoobs The thing that makes me happy is that this kid is probably gonna loose his popularity when he becomes an adult.

The Annoying Orange After about five minutes of it my brain started bleeding. Honestly, it all has to do with age, parents and what they do on You Tube, but anyone could do what this kid is.

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