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Nintendo's Buyer's Guide is designed to assist you with making these decisions by providing information on such things as game ratings, researching game content, and determining which accessories you might need for your systems and games.Use the links below for information on selecting the right Nintendo products for your family.

There are two types of personal data that must be deleted, and should be done in the following order: If you are considering selling or trading in your Nintendo DSi, we strongly urge you to delete any personal information from the system.

There are two types of personal data that must be deleted, and should be done in the following order: Throughout this manual, you will see this symbol followed by WARNING or CAUTION, or you may see the term IMPORTANT.

These terms have different levels of meaning as outlined below.

Welcome to the parents' section of Nintendo's website, where we are dedicated to addressing specific questions parents may have about our products.

Please use the list on the left to select the topic that you would like more information about.

Nintendo is dedicated to protecting your child's privacy.

Below you can find more information on Nintendo's children's privacy policies and practices.

We strongly encourage you to supervise your child's use of Nintendo products and services and to discuss with your child the importance of protecting his or her personal information online.

Nintendo is committed to protecting any personal information you provide on our web sites.

Nintendo's Privacy Policy explains in detail what information may be gathered and how that information is used.

With the Privacy Policy, you can have a complete understanding of how your privacy is protected. Making informed decisions about what you purchase is always important.


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