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often times when the fear of death no longer resides in the psyche..may seem "sick" to some...

certain behaviors longer uncomforable to someone who has become comfortable with fact may welcome it....

A third of the several hundred domains that use the two name servers MERLIN and NAOMI.

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The file is provided by a 3rd party, I have no control over how it is generated.

I use XSLT to transform the XML, but XSLT complains about the dtd not found; how do I tell XSLT to ommit it so it doesn't try to access the dtd file which I don't have.

Thanks You can set the Entity Resolver of the XML parser to an Entity Resolver that substitutes a local file (perhaps an empty file) when the DTD is requested.

Create an XMLReader (parser) with this setting, then supply a SAXSource containing this XMLReader as the source input to the transformation. You have to find a way to disable validation for it. for Java you could do it so: main reason why it's here: the dtd could have default data which affects xml content. if an attribute "align" has default value "left", the xslt template match "[@align='left']" will match even if attribute is not occurring in an XML. Xml Reader Settings x = new Xml Reader Settings(); x. offers a detailed analysis of the prevailing social construction and performance of hegemonic masculinity in mainstream North American youth culture.A large preponderance of young men, Kimmel argues, currently exist within the combined developmental stage and social space of “Guyland”: a world characterized by its celebration of camaraderie, promiscuity, conformity, consumption, and irresponsibility.Kimmel traces these values through the various dimensions of young men’s social environments and discusses the impact that Guyland has on their lives and the lives of those around them.Specifically, Kimmel argues that Guyland’s conformist, misogynist, and escapist ethos constitutes an ineffectual process for developing boys into mature men.


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  2. To that end, I expect to take some personal time because I want to be with Sandy to support her in any way I can as she handles the trauma of her operation and the pain of the recovery,” he said “With heartfelt gratitude for your kind wishes and support, Sandy and I hope and pray to bring you good news of her strong recovery soon,” he continued.

  3. The first version of HTTP, referred to as HTTP/0.9, was a simple protocol for raw data transfer across the Internet.

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  7. W3C's role in making the Recommendation is to draw attention to the specification and to promote its widespread deployment.

  8. Her passing, recounted so many times in the national media, produces no obituary or funeral announcement in Nexis, and no mention in the Stanford student newspaper.

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