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First, I myself delivered orders, driving long distances at night with three or four orders in the back seat of my car: Each pair of boots is packaged in a beautiful box, everything was done to the ladies were dovolnyi - Lady? - I treat all my ordered it like a lady, – said Mr.Keane – Although for many years to buy my boots and women of high society.

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It wasn't until recently that I realized that this is the same shory I met while I was in Miami.

To make a long story short, I went to MIA to get up with Lashawna CEO of Ethnicity Models, for this gig.

I got there and they were filming a model reality show like Americas Next top Model but for the Music Video girls.

Anyway there were tons and tons of women down there and they were all tight to def, dimes all the way.

Come to think of it I dont think I saw one shorty I didnt want to holla at.

But the one that stood out was this lady that everyone was callin "E" she was about 5'7" BIG ASS TITTIES, at least Double D's but maybe bigger, she had long legs that stemmed from a very nice ass that was just as big as the tits. Anyway as soon I saw her I immediately tried to holla, which turned into a 1hr45min conversation in which I got to know her pretty good, and she is cool as shit. Because she was so fine that somebody literally wifed her up quick, in other words shes married at the ripe age of 20.

According to her she was with this dude for a while and she was a virgin, and stook to her morals of not having sex until she was married.

That nigga knew what he had and wifed her up at 18.

I cant blame him cause I know I would have done the same.

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